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This free digital download is a three page quick reference guide for students that covers nine fundamental skills to particpate in a live Zoom session successfully. 


This guide covers the following skills and tools:

  1. Turn your microphone and camera on and off.

  2. Change Zoom "view" options.

  3. Open and use the Chat feature.

  4. Open & view the Participant panel.

  5. Share a file through the chat window.

  6. Communicate using Reactions.

  7. Share your screen.

  8. Troubleshoot audio & video problems.

  9. Annotate on a whiteboard or shared screen.


You can find written step-by-step directions on our website here:

Zoom: Student Success Skills Quick Reference Guide

  • This is a free PDF download.  You do not need to enter any financial information for our free downloads.  You will receive a link for the download after providing your name and email.  You will also receive a copy of the link in your email.

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