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45 pages

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Planned Action Guides

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PD Certificate

3 hours

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What is the course about?

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Frequently asked questions

Who is this eCourse for?

This eCourse is designed and made for any K-12 (and Higher Education) educator who is an online educator looking to take their online teaching and personal well-being to the next level. Whether you are brand new to online learning, have been doing it for a few months, OR have been teaching virtually for years, this course was designed to help motivate, inspire, and equip any virtual educator who may be in need of extra support from someone who has done this whole "virtual teaching" before. I will help you identify and implement pillars of success both in AND out of the virtual classrooms.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course will take approximately three hours to complete (including the videos/eBook and Planned Action Guides). The total minutes of video in this course is a little over one-hour. Along with the videos, their is a donwloadable eBook (which is the videos in text format) and curated list of resources to help you succeed at each of the five pillars, and 5 Planned Action Guides that will help you take the Pillars from ideas to practice.

Will I always have access to this course?

Yes! You will ALWAYS have access to the course. Once you have become a member and paid for the course, you will have lifetime access to the course through your membership account.

Does the course cover specific tools or platforms?

The course does not teach or show specific tools or pedagogy for virtual or hybrid educating. The course is about coaching you through building and mainating 5 Foundational Pillars that will help you move from surviving to thriving (both in and outside of teh virtual classroom).

How do I access the course after I purchase it?

You will receive a confirmation email after purchasing the course. The email will have directions on how to access the course. The course is hosted entirely thorugh Bein' Classy's website. Just be sure you are logged in using your member login information you created when purchasing the eCourse.

Can I receive PD credit for completing this course?

Yes! We will issue you a Certification of Completion for 3 PD hours after you have completed the course. Be sure to complete the End of Course Survey to receive your 3 Hour PD certfiicate via email. We can't gurantee the PD hours will be accepted by your local state/district or school. It is best for you to verify what is accepted by your school/licensing agency by visting their website.

Is there gradable work associated with this course?

No, there are no quizzes or grades associated with this course. This is a coaching course. It is designed like a coaching session. I give your practical examples, curated resources, and Action Guides to help you establish 5 Pillars of success in online learning.

What exactly is a "coaching" course?

This course is designed to share my insights, experiences, struggles, and triumphs, in order to help you create healthy and effective habbits to succeed in the online learning environment. I will coach you step by step in establishing and mainting healthy work and life habits. If you feel completely lost or just need a little support to get you going, I am sure this course is for you. I will push you to become the highly effective AND happy educator you dream to be in your online learning environment. This course will not just give you quick answers or tutorials (that is what my FREE videos on YouTube do). This course will inspire and equip you to be successful no matter what your virtual classroom looks like.