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Bein' Classy exists to help teachers and students overcome obstacles, reach their full potential, and be fully alive.

We seek to accomplish this by providing innovative resources, holistic support, and creative inspiration.



Hi, I am Jessica. I am a mom, YouTuber, novelist, doctoral student, and teacher! My specific area of expertise is virtual learning. I did not know my complete passion and love for online learning until I became a virtual middle school English teacher in 2017. My love for the digital classroom has allowed me to work as a full-time middle school teacher, Graduate School of Education faculty member, and Professional Development Specialist.  Currently, my career involves teaching 7th grade English online and working on my passion project - Bein' Classy.



Hi, I am Peter.  I am thrilled to be joining my wife, Jessica, on her passion project - Bein’ Classy.  It has almost been four years since I left my full-time job working in religious education and become a full-time dad.  During that time, I have worn many hats, learned a lot about myself, and changed many diapers.  I am extremely passionate about education and I love to create content that is highly engaging but is also highly effective. That is why Bein’ Classy is such an exciting project for me to be working on.

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