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This free digital download is a three page quick reference guide on how to create notebooks, sections, and pages, as well as start taking notes in Microsoft OneNote.


This guide covers:

1. Creating a New Notebook

2. Identifying Important Parts of the Notebook

3. Creating New Sections and Pages

4. How to "Search" for Something in a Notebook

5. Identifying the Main Parts of the Toolbar

6. Inserting a "File" Using a Printout

7. Drawing & Writing in the  Notebook

8. Creating & Inserting an Audio Recording

9. Changing the Appearance of the Notebook

10. Categorizing & Sorting Text

Microsoft OneNote: Getting Started Quick Reference Guide

  • This is a free PDF download.  You do not need to enter any financial information for our free downloads.  You will receive a link for the download after providing your name and email.  You will also receive a copy of the link in your email.

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