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Differentiated Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Making Differentiated Breakout Rooms WORK by manually creating and operating breakout rooms in live Zoom meetings.

In this video, I will walk you through what differentiated breakout rooms would actually look like in virtual learning, online classroom. How to set-up and operate a lesson that is differentiated and gets students to self-assess and move through content in “tiered” breakout rooms.

You can also download a Free Quick Reference Guide for Zoom Breakout Rooms to use with your students.

Before we jump in - if you haven’t seen the first three videos of this five-part series, - you can find them on my channel and be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to stay up to date on this video series and the rest of my content.

Okay, so in this video let’s look at how to make differentiated breakout rooms WORK in a live Zoom class.

  1. First - If you have students' email addresses, you can pre-assign breakout rooms when scheduling a meeting.. This would mean that students would have needed to already completed the self-assessment so you know which student is going into which tiered room..

In this video, I show you how to manually put students into the differentiated breakout rooms from Zoom meeting calls. Now you can’t have students move themselves to breakout rooms in Zoom RIGHT NOW (Zoom has spoken about this as a potential feature in future updates) but you can do a few workarounds. The one that I would always do it is shown in the video above.


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